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COVID Precautions

We strive to follow local Health Department guidelines for masks and social distancing. Daily health and temperature checks are conducted for each staff member and student. Students and staff members who are feeling unwell, or exhibit signs of illness are required to stay home until symptoms have passed and they are no longer contagious.


Social Interaction

We believe that social interaction is a critical component to the mental health of our students. Even though each student has their own virtual learning plans, our classrooms are structured to provide friendship, communication and interaction.

Friends at Camp
Engineering Robot Car

Supplemental Activities

We believe students thrive when they have a say in their time and education. Once students are finished with their assigned curriculum (whether from their district or homeschool program), they will have the opportunities to enrich their education with supplemental activities. Activities are chosen by the student and can vary from day to day, student to student. Some examples of supplemental activities include, but are not limited to, hands-on art projects, learning to code, helping to design our classroom environment, gratitude journaling, etc.

In the future, we also hope to go on enrichment outings so students can experience local history and art. 


Virtual Learning Support

We provide a satellite learning environment, a physical classroom, where virtual learners can independently pursue their courses, regardless of teacher, topic, or district/program. We help students navigate coursework, manage their time, and keep track of their assignments while encouraging creativity, autonomous working, and goal setting. Mammoth Academy does not provide a curriculum, but expects students to have their own assigned curriculum from either their school district or home school programs that can be done virtually.

Studying on a Computer
Kids in Art Class

The Classroom

From traditional tables and chairs to a coffee shop vibe, our students have both the responsibility and the budget to design their classroom to meet their needs. Our staff works to guide students through factors of functionality, aesthetics, affordability and decision trade offs. By owning their environment, students are both more comfortable and respectful of the space.


Student Led, Staff guided

We encourage and guide students to take the lead in all aspects of their education. From setting classroom rules and schedules to choosing supplemental activities and designing the room, we seek to find opportunities to challenge students and have them rise to the occasion.

Study Group

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